Olympia Zine FestNiamh Timmons is a white queer disabled non-binary Trans Woman. Niamh is a Visiting Lecturer in Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College. They have a PhD in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a Queer Studies graduate minor from Oregon State University, an MA in American Studies from Washington State University, and an MA in Cultural Studies from University of Washington Bothell. She’s been published in the The Journal of Feminist Scholarship, TransNarratives: Scholarly and Creative Works on Transgender ExperienceDisabled Voices, and The Establishment. They’ve organized the performance show Too Tired for This Sh*t! (A Fatigue Performance Variety Show) and performed in You Can’t Spell Queer Without Whore. She’s a prolific zinester. Her academic and creative work focuses on trans feminine arts, disability, organizing against the hopeless, and survivor experiences. In their free time, they enjoy being in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.

For academic correspondence, e-mail me: ntimmons@mtholyoke.edu

For non-academic correspondence: cniamhtimmons@gmail.com