Niamh Timmons is a queer disabled non-binary Trans Woman. Niamh is PhD Candidate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University. They have a MA in American Studies from Washington State University and an MA in Cultural Studies from University of Washington Bothell. She’s been published in the The Journal of Feminist Scholarship, TransNarratives: Scholarly and Creative Works on Transgender ExperienceDisabled Voices, and The Establishment. They’ve organized the performance show Too Tired for This Sh*t! (A Fatigue Performance Variety Show) and performed in You Can’t Spell Queer Without Whore. She’s a prolific zinester. Her academic and creative work focuses on trans feminine arts, disability, organizing against the hopeless, and survivor experiences.

For academic correspondence, e-mail me: timmonsn@oregonstate.edu

For non-academic correspondence: cniamhtimmons@gmail.com