I’m currently a Visiting Lecturer at Mount Holyoke College. My academic work focuses on trans feminine creative work and activism and how they serve as forms of dreaming alternative to systemic violence. This work focuses primarily on trans mothering, Indigenous trans women and trans feminine Two-Spirit poetry, theater, and activism, and speculative practices as parts of trans feminine dreaming. This is currently being developed into an academic manuscript.

I’m also planning future projects on trans/queer readings of Irish history that utilize anti-racist and anti-colonial frameworks, and on trans and Two-Spirit “storying” in the coastal Pacific Northwest.

I have a PhD in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, with a Queer Studies graduate minor, from Oregon State University (2022). In my dissertation, I focused on liberation as dreamed in trans feminine cultural productions.

I have an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington Bothell (2014) and an MA in American Studies from Washington State University (2018). The former I was particularly interested in the dynamics of race and geography, as well as community-based storytelling. The latter continued that interest in race and geography, but mainly in a historical analysis between Indigenous Peoples and Asian North Americans in the Pacific Northwest.