Trans Mothering Call for Submissions

Too often trans mothers are either ignored or relegated to the fringes in conversations on who is or can be mothers. Trans mothers exist in many different ways: from having kids before transitioning, after medical transitioning, adoption, foster care, and through community mothering. In this anthology, we want to share all these experiences and of those who wish to become mothers. This collection is being built at a time with increased right-wing legislation policing trans adults and children. We want to recognize and bear witness to that violence but we also want to share the joys that come with trans mothering. This project is inspired by other edited collections such as Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines and Trust Kids!: Stories on Youth Autonomy and Confronting Adult Supremacy. We want to hear from trans women, trans feminine non-binary people, trans feminine Two-Spirit people, trans feminine khawaja sira and hijra people, and others who self-identify with trans femininity. Submissions from Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color will be given preference.

We welcome personal narratives, essays, manifestos, poems, comics, and other genres. Submissions may include topics related, but not limited, to:

  • Policing of motherhood
  • Reproductive justice and trans mothering
  • Experiences being a trans mother
  • Raising trans children
  • Making space for trans mothers and trans children
  • Community mothering
  • Experiences with foster care and adoption
  • Desires to become a mother

Authors will be paid $100 per submission in addition to whatever money comes from publication. This is not an academic book and we’re not interested in publishing academic essays (as important as they might be).

Submissions or questions can be sent to