Call for Submissions

In the recent #MeToo activism, there has been little attention to the experiences and struggles of Trans Women and Trans Feminine survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence. This call for submissions is aimed at creating a book anthology of experiences, resiliencies, activisms, and communities of Trans Women, Trans Feminine people, Trans Femme Two Spirits, hijras, and ©AMAB non-binaries. The anthology also intends to center Black survivors, Indigenous survivors, and survivors of color (the anthology will be at least half BIPOC contributors). Not only does this project highlight the stories and resiliencies of Trans Feminine people who are survivors of sexual and physical violence but also settler colonialism, prisons, policing, and anti-Blackness. Trans Feminine people are not a monolithic identity and the issues that affect them are deeply entangled with multiple communities. This includes issues such as Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW), the prison industrial complex, the effects of (settler) colonialism, and how to address issues of sexual and physical violence that refuse to bolster carceral and colonial structures. The book seeks to highlight those are most marginalized and impacted by systems and acts of violence.

There isn’t a book publisher set yet, but I plan on making pitches when the submissions start coming in. My ideal goal is to pay authors/organizations $100 per submission (I’m not willing to pay less than $25/per contribution). Right now, authors can get $25/submission but I hope to fundraise more. This is vital given the nature of the project and the ongoing pandemic.

For those interested in submitting to the anthology, here’s a sampling of potential submissions:

• Survivor experiences

• Examinations of institutional violence

• Comics

• Resiliency

• Frustrations with communities

• Community support

• Black and Indigenous survivorhood/resiliency

• Activist organizing

• Poetry

You can send submissions or questions to Niamh at